Instructor Boeing 777

FSC Training is especially looking for experienced TRI/SFI/TRE/SFE’s to deliver high quality instruction for our over 160 customer airlines in our independent training center in Amsterdam Schiphol, the Netherlands. Depending on other qualifications a limited number of less experienced TRI/SFI/TRE/SFE’s will also be considered.
Minimum Requirements experienced instructor
  • Valid SFI or TRI rating on type
Additional Demands
  • High professional standard
  • Recent experience as a SFI/TRI
  • Exposure in a training center is a plus
  • SFE/TRE authorization is a plus
  • Sufficient availability

This position assumes a per session compensation. As such it is possible to combine this position with a job as an airline pilot.


When applying for this position please send the following information to:

[email protected]

  • CV
  • All relevant licensing documents
  • Your expected availability

More information of FSC Training is available at