FSC adds a new Airbus A320 FTD (Flight Training Device) to its facility in Amsterdam.
July 11th 2017

The device has been certified by the Dutch CAA at Level FTD-1 and FNPT-II / MCC, it is ready for training as of July 10th. By adding the Airbus A320 device, FSC will be able to meet the needs of the customers even better and will offer more training possibilities, flexibility and services.

FSC training is able to offer the complete EASA qualified A320 type rating course as well as operator recurrent programs. Combined with the recently added Boeing B737-800 FTD, which has been certified level FTD-1 in May 2017, FSC expands its capacity and will be able to offer the customer more freedom of choice. Both the Airbus A320 and the Boeing B737-800 FTD’s are manufactured by Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS).

FSC’s strategy is to enhance more and more to a wider portfolio of cockpit and cabin crew training to support its existing and new customers to: “high quality and smart training solutions”, exactly what the current and future market is and will be asking for.

FSC expects to add another Full Flight simulator to its existing fleet in the third quarter of 2018: a Full Flight Boeing 787-9, which will be EASA-certified Level D.

About FSC

Flight Simulation Company (FSC) offers a wide variety of airline training services, Dry and Wet lease of a wide fleet of full flight simulators and FTD’s for most popular aircraft types (Airbus A320, A330; Boeing B737CG, B737NG, B747-400, B767, B777, Embraer 170/190, Dornier 328J), ATO services Cabin crew , Safety Training, Specialty courses and last but not least Full Pilot provisioning services. All FSC services are tailor made for our over 100 different airline customers, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities.

FSC operates eleven full-flight simulators at FSC Schiphol, one in Mönchengladbach and one in Budapest (for exclusive use by Wizz Air).

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