FSC Aviation Training welcomes Corendon Dutch Airlines
June 2nd, 2020

FSC Aviation Training is proud to announce that, Corendon Dutch Airlines will perform all Flight Crew Training for their Boeing 737-800 fleet at FSC’s training facility in Schiphol, Amsterdam as of June 1st 2020.

Corendon Dutch Airlines and FSC Aviation Training both look forward to start with this partnership that will enable both companies to step up into an upcoming recovery of the Aviation business and beyond.

High quality services, personal approach and customer focus are few of the many pillars both Corendon Dutch Airlines and FSC Aviation Training unconditionally strive for.

Together both companies can reinforce sharing the industry best practices and quality standards to optimize the safety culture in Air Transport.. The main goal? Offering the best we have to cater the needs and wishes of our customers and guarantee safety and health at all times.

FSC Aviation Training CEO Perry Roolvink is excited about the upcoming partnership with Corendon Dutch Airlines.

“2020 is a challenging year for aviation, the current situation asks for those who dare to look beyond the horizon, take that extra step and see solutions for the future. Corendon Dutch Airlines and FSC work in close partnership to offer their customers the quality and services they deserve,” Perry Emphasizes.

FSC Aviation Training looks forward to welcome the Corendon Dutch Airlines crew members and take off to a bright future together.

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