We are UPRT ready!

Why extensions for UPRT? Come to FSC!

In general, at FSC we continuously strive to have our simulator equipment and training up to date and as per the regulations to ensure our customers are able to train at the highest possible standards.

Due to recent amendments in EASA regulations associated with Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) it has become more clear that FSC is front runner when it comes to keeping training equipment and training methods up to date with the latest developments.


As per 20 December 2019 the following EASA regulations are in place:

  • EASA ED Decision 2015/012/R to incorporate UPRT into Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 (Air Operations Part-ORO
  • ED Decision 2019/005/R to incorporate UPRT into Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 (Aircrew Part-FCL)1.
  • ED Decision 2018/006/R (CS-FSTD(A) – Issue 2), New technical requirements for Full Flight Simulators (FFS) used for UPRT ( effective as of 20th December 2019).

The good news!

You don’t need to apply for extension as, well ahead of the regulations becoming effective, FSC was ready for all your UPRT training as of 2019. The majority of  the sims at FSC have been upgraded in 2019 (see overview below) and we are glad to offer you the total training package including the new UPRT element or Train the Trainer packages for your instructors.

FSC UPRT Simulators

About FSC Aviation Training

FSC Aviation Training is your Airline training specialist. We provide total training solutions for Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Boeing B737, Boeing B747, Boeing B767, Boeing B777, Boeing B787 and Embraer E190.

Our training department has extensive experience with all kinds of variations of flight crew training and cabin crew training. We can assist you with virtually any request, including implementing your airline procedures throughout any course.

Our state of the art Simulator Fleet of more than 15 training Full Flight Simulators (plus two FTD’s) consists of Airbus A320, Boeing B737Classic and NG , Boeing B747, Boeing B767, Boeing B787, and Embraer E190 simulators.

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