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I found FSC a very nice and pleasant training center during our recurrent and checking periods on A320 simulators. The Simulators are in good condition, very usable are split briefing and debriefing rooms with visual displays. Coffee room with smoke area is very welcome, and all other facilities make you pleasant feeling in this training center. Especially, all employees are very friendly willing to help any time. Therefore, training in this center is very comfortable and friendly for all users.

Joze Slana , Captain A320, Fleet Chief Instructor, Adria Airways

On behalf of our crew from AirBridgeCargo Airlines and me personally, I wish to leave the warmest feedback about an excellent work of the team of professionals from FSC. All of us together have come a long way and had incredible amount of productive work done. To say it was not easy is to say nothing. We express our gratitude to the instructors of FSC. Their experience and significant contribution did not go unnoticed and their faith in us revealed unprecedented limits of our capabilities we were never aware of. Thank you for your valuable time and effort!

Aleksey Krylov , B747-400, Pilot, Air Bridge Cargo Airlines

I have been learning in FSC for approximately one and the half month, having got the type rating for Boeing 747-400. To tell the truth it was incredible. Every day I was trying to get more and more knowledge, proficiency and skill and I got it. There are no questions or hesitations left. Everything was clear. And the last but not least, it was also a great opportunity to improve not only my professionalism but also a using of English language. I can definitely say that, for example, fluency of my speech and comprehension being in the cockpit became much better. Meanwhile, it isn’t a main idea of my review. As we know, the most important element of aviation around the world is human, according to this I would like to say enormous “thanks” to all instructors who took part and played a big role in my education. There wasn’t at least an hour when I didn’t get anything useful. During all sessions I could obtain interesting “tricks”, I could ask any question and get a confident answer, or just when I didn’t understand anything, instructors made wise explanations. I’m sure that all this things will help me in the future. Also,don’t forget that FSC is one of the most up-to-day, convenient and authoritative aviation training center, where leading passenger and cargo companies are able to retrain its aviation personnel. Having only 150 flying hours, me and many other students from AirBridgeCargo could pass skill test. I totally believe that it happened thanks to everyone who works for FSC. Special thanks must go to maintenance, these men troubleshooted small problems, which came out in time of sessions, as soon as it was possible. I think there is only one disadvantage which should have been improved. Some exercises which are included into our program, such as airspeed unreliable,engine fire during all phases of flight, crosswind T/O and LDG, maneuvering and approach with two EO are vital (in my opinion) for pilots who are going to operate B-744. In this way, I suppose that it must be paid more attention to it. To conclude, it would be better to express gratitude again to all who help me in passing skill test: Maarten Scheerder, Stephen van Dijck, Aert Mante, Gabe Bleeker and others. Sorry for my expression and very emotional condition sometimes. Fly safe!

Ivan Dolgikh , Pilot

Extensive perennial working experience with FSC convinced me, that ATO presents an excellent aviation solution for anyone who dreams of developing a pilot career. Outstanding place for learning and gaining experience. FSC always offer a remarkable combination of Dutch hospitality, quality of training services, customer support, practical professionalism of the instructional staff and robust simulators maintenance system. A very impressive and awesome mixture of highly experienced instructors, modern & new e-learning technologies and advanced flight simulators.

Alexander Ignatiev , Director Crew Training, Cargo Logic Air

Really happy with our training at FSC. Very friendly staff and administration, who are flexible and helpful, always. Simulators are up-to-date and any requests from our side about configurations etc. are dealt with promptly. The breaks between the simulator slots are very useful and help avoid delays. The simulator centre is clean and well-maintained.

Thomas Lau Koester , Training manager- Jet Time
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