Cross-Crew Qualification
In order to quickly qualify A320 Flight Crew to become proficient on the A330 or vice versa, FSC offers a CCQ course which very efficiently trains your Flight Crew.

The objectives of this course are to train cockpit crews to acquire the level of knowledge and operational skills to successfully pass a Part-FCL MPA skill test.

Ground Training

  • Aeroplane Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Aeroplane Performance instruction
  • Fixed Base Training (FBS)

Full Flight Training (FLT)

  • Manoeuvres/procedures
  • Low Visibility Procedures Training (Optional)
  • Zero Flight Time Training (Optional)
  • A320 / B737 Base Training (Optional)


  • Aeroplane Systems Knowledge Examination
  • License Skill Test (LST)

Additional or Remedial Training 

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