Medical aspects and First Aid for Cabin Crew
This annual training covers physiological effects of flying, aero-medical aspects and basic first aid. Cabin Crew will learn how to recognise medical situations on board and how to deal with specific in-flight medical emergencies.
Course contents for Cabin Crew (a.o.)
  • Physiological effects of flying
  • Basic First Aid
  • In-flight Medical Emergencies
  • Specific equipment such as:
    • First Aid oxygen
    • First Aid Kit
    • Emergency Medical Kit
  • Travel Health and Hygiene
  • Practical Exercises such as:
    • Addressing a sick, injured and unconscious person
    • Administering Oxygen
    • Bleeding
    • Choking (adult and infant)
    • Recovery Position
    • Rautek Manoeuvre
    • CPR (adult and infant)
    • Use of an AED
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