Recurrent Training
Each cabin crew member must receive recurrent training to maintain the level of proficiency and refresh their knowledge and skills of all normal and emergency situations.

This training includes both aircraft type specific and operator training elements and consists of theoretical and practical training modules.

Course Contents Yearly Recurrent Training
  • Training of (simulated) operation of normal and emergency doors/exits for passenger evacuation;
  • The location and handling of all applicable safety and emergency equipment on board;
  • Donning of:
    • Life vests;
    • Portable oxygen;
    • PBE;
  • Stowage of articles in passenger compartment;
  • Aircraft surface contamination procedures;
  • Emergency Procedures including Pilot Incapacitation procedures and Crowd Control;
  • Evacuation Procedures;
  • Incident and accident review;
  • Applicable Security procedures;
  • Crew Resource Management training;
  • First Aid Training.
Additional Course Contents 3-Year Recurrent Training
  • Evacuation procedures and other emergency situations;
  • Actual operation of doors and exits (normal + emergency) in the normal and emergency modes;
  • Actual operation of Flight Crew compartment security door;
  • Pilot Incapacitation (practical);
  • Practical demonstration of the use of flight crew checklists;
  • Demonstration of operation of other exits, including flight deck windows;
  • Demonstration of the use of life raft / slide raft;
  • Use of pyrotechnics;
  • Fire and Smoke Training;
  • Normal and emergency procedures for Special Categories of Passengers (SCP’s).
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